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There are many repair processes for garage door openers that should only be conducted by trained professionals. It is common nowadays for all manner of guides and content to suggest that almost any practice can be conducted as a DIY project. The truth is however that when it comes to such large machinery and repairs, some tasks can be incredibly difficult as well as dangerous.Garage Door Openers

Trolley Carriage replacement

Many opener designs will come with a chain drive which will feature a trolley carriage. Sometimes the trolley carriage will be moving and trying to operate, but the door fails to move. In these cases it is likely your trolley carriage is broken and needs to be replaced. The process must be carried out correctly, as this mechanism on the openers will handle a great deal of workload and pressure over its lifespan. Failing to fit the chain or carriage correctly will result in a recurrence of the issue.

Opener installation

It can be very tempting to attempt a full installation by yourself. Many garage door openers will claim to be consumer friendly and easy to set up without professional help. It is very common, particularly with first time buyers, for things to go wrong during the installation. Modern openers include a host of features that will not work at all if not assembled precisely, and should you accidently break any parts during your efforts, any return policies and guarantees will likely be ruined with them.

Batteries and Motors

Electrical equipment should always only ever be handled and worked on by trained technicians. Opener motors may be relatively small, but this doesn't make them perfectly safe to tamper with. Motor and battery replacement is often much more challenging than they sound, and any further damage you cause is again likely to void any guarantees offered to you by the manufacturer.

Garage Door Opener Services

Garage Door Repair Nassau Bay offers a full range of garage door opener repair services from full repair to maintenance and replacement. We can ensure your cables, batteries, motor and springs all work perfectly. If any of them ever need replacement, we can execute dismantlement and installation flawlessly with the safest methods possible. Avoid harm to your property and your own healthy by having our expert technicians take care of it for you.  

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