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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Do you want evidence of our excellent work? Trust the testimonials of people we have worked for

We Replace Garage Door Parts Perfectly

The new home overhead door

We had just bought our house but the garage door wasn't in its best shape. We wanted the advice of experts and called a couple of garage door companies. Everyone told us to replace it but without actually inspecting the garage door parts. They just opened and closed it once and that was it. The technicians of Garage Door Repair Nassau Bay really spent some time troubleshooting the whole system. They suggested that we should go ahead with some garage door repairs and the door would be fine. They really serviced the door and it did work fine. Incredible and honest pros!

You know your garage doors

I can honestly say that your garage door company is the best. I have worked with other contractors in the past but your technicians really know how to service garage doors. They really know what each opener needs and how to repair garage door parts. My brother's family and mine, we both use your garage door services and we are all extremely pleased. We also like that the technicians are so courteous and come on time. I guess you all know what customers need. Keep up the excellent work! We're with you 100%.

Two Thumbs Up for the Service

My garage door opens without a problem. However, the problem was that the motor wouldn’t stop working for some reason. I had no idea what to do so I called Garage Door Repair Company in Nassau Bay for assistance. This very nice lady talked to my on the phone. I explained the problem and got a very reasonable quote. They sent one of their experts right away. He came prepared and definitely knew what he was doing. Within just a few minutes he was done with his work. He was also nice enough to check on loose screws and parts that he tightened. Two thumbs up for the wonderful service.

Top overhead garage door maintenance

All overhead garage door problems stopped the day the technicians of Garage Door Repair Nassau Bay came to my home to check and maintain the door. Since that day, all problems vanished. I call them every year for commendable garage door service that is reliable and friendly. I thought that if garage door parts are repaired and maintained properly in every visit, why I should let my overhead door die or trouble me with problems! Their job is fantastic and so is every technician I have met.

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